"We’re so glad to have found Simple HVAC. The other programs on the market were too expensive for us, but we needed something to help us stay competitive. We were stuck until we found this. Great program."  -Edward, Texarcana



We didn’t start as a software company… We started as Commercial HVAC Contractors just like you.

Several years ago (around 2005), we were searching the market for a solid estimating program but really didn’t want all the Cadillac features. We wanted it to be powerful, but not ultra-complicated. After searching all day long, we came up empty. That’s when we started working on our own solution.

We piled our engineering knowledge on top of our contracting knowledge and put together a solution that would be valuable for commercial contractors of all sizes, and at a price they could afford.

After using the program ourselves for several months, we got it out into the hands of a select few contractors in other states.   We took their feedback, made some tweaks and made it available on the market.

Today, we’re serving contractors all over the United States and we hope that we have the chance to serve you also.


Our Mission is clear:  To provide Commercial HVAC Contractors with a tool that can increase their estimating efficiency, reduce their frustrations, and help them win more bids without breaking the bank.

We’ve built a complete estimating package that lets you set material and labor prices, input all your ductwork and other materials, see the entire bid in one clear view, and print out an attractive professional quote.

We don’t claim to be the biggest.  We don’t claim to be the most complex.  We simply want to provide a tool that gives you the edge you need.

We understand what you as a contractor and AC repair specialist have to deal with on a daily basis. We’ve been there and we understand. Simple HVAC was built with YOU in mind.